Cook the Veg Bag

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am lucky enough to live in the distribution area of a good,. cheap organic vegetable provider, namely OrganicLea, who do many overlapping things supporting community food production and healthy eating.  One of these things is a weekly organic veg bag, which subscribers pay for every month and collect from pickup points around Waltham Forest.  For about £11 a week, I get a bag of veg slightly too big to comfortably carry, all grown organically within a shortish distance – Essex and Norfolk rather than, say, Tanzania, and a fair proportion from Chingford, too.

The Organiclea bag comes as-is, without the consumer placing an order about what they specifically want.  There is a ‘no-potato’ option, although why you wouldn’t want weekly potatoes I have no idea.  Sine the ones we dug up in the garden ran out, we never have enough and get through them really quickly.  This results in two things I like: constant surprises and a challenge every week to cook the veg in interesting ways.  Sometimes there’s veg I don’t care for, and my housemate eats it.  Sometimes there’s leftover veg that gets eaten by bacteria before it can get eaten by us, and it goes in the compost.  (Sometimes I actually truly can’t be bothered scrubbing the mud off all the little kinky bits in curly kale before it wilts).  However it works, though, there’s a lot less wastage and transport and packaging costs than there would be in a larger operation which relied on every carrot being cosmetically perfect and every potato pre-scrubbed.

Here’s the contents of my veg bag from last week, laid out and given a bit of a scrub.  Ain’t it pretty?


There you have: potatoes, carrots, onions, half a cabbage, a violet turnip, leeks, mushrooms and purple sprouting broccoli. I’m afraid this photo is out of date, though, because this veg has been demolished: the mushrooms, carrots, turnip, leeks and onions are no more.  The cabbage is starting to look nervous.  The potatoes are hiding behind their dirt, conscious that they very well could be next.

So what happened to the veg?  Stay tuned to find out.

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